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What we stand for. And stand up.

Immobilienmarketing Frankfurt | Gebäudefoto

As a REET customer, you will experience a unique combination of technical and design-aesthetic expertise.


Our range of services combines the expertise from consulting and implementation projects. They form the foundation of our specially developed REET Consultancy and creative products for central areas of real estate marketing. Online, offline, below the line. Whatever we do for you, our work is based on clear values and quality standards. We stand for this.

Transparency, fairness, openness 


For us, real and long-term partnership is based on three basic pillars: Transparency as a form of honesty. Fairness that permeates all areas of a successful business relationship. And the openness to constantly expand your own horizons. That's why we also provide information about the context and framework in which our work was created. 

Our managing director Frankee Mauél created the works shown here with his former design agency fu communications. The spectrum of works shown on this website includes IPKI, RheinKontor, h1, FiftyAvon, EZB, BER, Schiller27, ONETWOSEVEN, MA*, L18, Hackeschen Quartier, High Five, Ericus-Contor, Century, UpperWestendCaree, ÜSQ and U.I.Club. In his role as managing partner in the area of creation/design, he took charge of the concept, design and customer support right through to production consulting - and played a key role in its success.

The heart and
the head.

Frankee Mauel

Founder – Owner

Brand architect with many years of experience in a renowned brand repertoire with over 120 CI brand/logo developments and redesigns.


He is an experienced and award-winning specialist for holistic brand building and marketing - from start to finish from a single source.

Real estate marketing Frankfurt | Frankee Mauél Portrait

Long-term appearance is crucial for branding, right from the start, with positioning. Strategy meets creation and design meets production.

Frankee Mauél is a creative and all-rounder who has gained experience across the entire advertising industry. From branding with positioning, package and product design, websites and image films, events, PoS, direct mailings, TV spots to all kinds of print materials.


He has shot for Alfa Romeo in Italy, as well as for various properties,People and products. He is also an excellent painter and illustrator. In private, art is always within reach. He is a full-blooded creative expert who always looks for something special - and finds it.

He has implemented extensive projects. This includes the branding and the entire brand presence of Lufthansa HON Circle, First Class Terminal, the Business Class launches and the integration of the private jet division. He also developed concepts for Land Rover, the launch of the Jaguar XKRs and for the new RANGE ROVER SPORT. He accompanied the PoS European launch of Coca-Cola-Zero and designed the trade fair appearances for Lufthansa three years in a row, which were awarded first place every year. He designed concepts for the global BAYER sales event as well as the presentation for the CEO of BAYER. But he is also culturally committed and supports image appearances in community marketing.

Frankee Mauél is also an entrepreneur and has been developing and delivering a data-based 3D city map for real estate customers with his team for 7 years. Fashion, football and a skincare brand are not neglected here either. That's what sets him apart.


He combines a real holistic approach (the Bigger Picture) with a real attention to the smallest detail. Against this background, he created the Center for Value -APPEALITY- brought to life. Here he looks after exclusive customers such as hotels, one of the most expensive whiskey brands, villa real estate concepts worth over €70 million as well as renowned start-ups.

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