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Europe United at the EuroTower

The ECB EuroTower in the heart of Frankfurt is an iconic building. The "House of the Euro" is one of the many milestones on the way to a common European house. From the very beginning, the investment memorandum we designed, implemented and produced was faced with the task of doing justice to this historical role


BNP Paribas Real Estate




Investment memorandum

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The world of images and symbols in the memorandum is consequently influenced by European symbolism as well as the timeless, linear elegance of the architecture with its aluminum-glass facade with its unique silver shine, which is known beyond the borders of Frankfurt.

And so the defining colors of the extensive print work, which is produced using complex finishing techniques, are silver gray, blue and white. The memorandum is presented like a high-quality book in a square silver slipcase with a blind-embossed title. The 30x30 cm format and the high quality make the memorandum unique.

A special photo shoot was carried out with a renowned architectural photographer to capture images of the building and its distinctive features, such as the facade, in close-ups. The breathtaking perspectives from the EuroTower make the “book” a unique experience for investors but also for fans of good architectural photography. Four different Types of paper were bound manually using high-quality thread stitching. The special features of the IM can be found on page 49.

Concept, design, advice from Frankee Mauél. A project was created at fu communications.

The imagery of the EuroTower appearance was the result of a specially conducted shoot with an experienced architectural photographer. Large, modern and powerful images showcase the architecture. A strong lighting atmosphere combines the monumentality of the building with positive emotions.

A lot of space and little text created the stage for an impressive visual presence. This is emphasized by a lot of white space. This creates a strong impression of sovereignty, which is the opposite of emptiness. The elaborate production with three different paper patterns in a rare combination and the hand-made thread stitching complete the impression of uniqueness and value orientation.


On page 49, Frankee Mauél had the idea of the mirror film, which shows the mirrored Making the print on the left side legible.

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