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right time, right location, real wave

wave Real Estate is the project of a successful real estate developer with an innovative claim and approach. It's about finding answers to questions about what makes certain properties successful. This is not just about stones and concrete, but rather a holistic view of objects. The goal is to create motivating living spaces that don't have to be luxury.


wave Real Estate GmbH




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From the beginning, the development of the brand focused on a website that we were developing. This should not provide information so much as convey the special demands of the project. The brand name “wave” stands for the vision of a wave whose dynamics should be used to make a difference. The aim is to move projects forward without “riding” short-lived trends. The logo consists of a simple minuscule wordmark. The "point of difference" results from the choice of color. The corporate color and acceptance color is a medium-dark tone of blue-magenta. Another distinguishing feature is the special shape of the “v” in “wave”. The right shaft bends forward like a wave that develops a special momentum in its forward grip. The "v" can also be read as an "r" due to the swing of the right shaft. Together with the following, last letter in "wave" you get a "re" for "Real Estate".

The imagery relies on curved architectural forms as well as the interaction between architecture and people. 

The language of the headlines and texts is clear but sophisticated. The tone is international, which is why the website was set up in German and English from the start.

Concept, logo, design, advice from Frankee Mauél. A project was created at fu communications.

Right Time
Right Loacation
Real Wave

The eye-catching yet serious color selection sets the brand apart from the competition. It allows for strong boldness in all media without appearing intrusive. The result is a look that attracts attention and does not wear off after a few encounters.

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