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TheHORIZON TOWER in the office city of Eschborn is a landmark between Frankfurt am Main and the Taunus. Thanks to its excellent location in the Rhine-Main area, it has excellent connections to the infrastructure. The iconic architecture and the far-reaching views of the metropolitan region as well as the visibility make the ensemble a real landmark.






Rental concept

Type of Work

  • Repositioning

  • Logo development

  • Signage wayfinding system

  • Lightning Concept

  • Exposé  (2 languages)

  • Website (bilingual)

  • Canteen Restaurant Concept & design

  • Brand consulting

Our task was to communicatively reposition the revitalized property as the basis for a rental campaign.

Our positioning concept including logo development, claim, storytelling, online and print content, expose design, visual identity and production was based on the location of the H-shaped, functional floor plan of the ensemble as an interface between East and West with a wide perspective. 

In addition to the logo, the yellow arc is the basic visual element. The modular logo combines the initials “H” and “T” to form a signet. The cut-out space forms a “C”. It stands for “Community” and “Connectivity”.


The motto #HORIZONSTARSHERE is the basis of the storytelling. The tower becomes the starting point of the customer journey, which leads to new horizons. 

The concept was implemented as a stringent exposé both in print form and as a microsite. At the center of all topics such as office space, divisibility, equipment, property data, macro and micro location, floor plans, etc. was the "HERE" as the starting point with "H". This further reinforces the branding and makes it a consistent element of the story.  The  Visual identity was unmistakably shaped by the elegant, simple colors with the arc as an accent.


The modular “H” and “T” logo with the claim and arc communicate the message of departure to new perspectives in a memorable and valuable way. The silver gray forms a stylish contrast to the yellow of the light.

The storytelling is both compelling and catchy. It conveys a positive feeling and the desire to be “HERE”.

The implementation of advertising media and outdoor communication formats such as banners increase the visibility of the Horizon Tower among the target groups.

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