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AI Made In BW

The KI Innovation Park is a project by the state of Baden-Württemberg with the aim of creating a sustainable innovation park in a world-class format. CBRE prepared a feasibility study for the project on behalf of the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economics, Labor and Tourism. Our task was to package the results of the study in a concise, informative and understandable way in an exposé as well as other print and online measures.


CBRE Berlin




Concept and feasibility study

Type of Work



Exposé design

3D concept

3D elements

Social media


When it came to the visual identity and color scheme, we based ourselves on the color scheme of the ministry portal wirtschaft-digital-bw. We used the freedom of the corporate design to create a look that was as unique as possible for the KI Baden-Württemberg innovation park. Since the project is still a vision, we used a smart 3D concept with appropriate elements for the design. In this way, the dimensions of the sustainable AI innovation park became visible and tangible. The implementation was plastic-technical, while at the same time we strongly emphasized the “green” aspect.

The storytelling put people at the center. The aim was to find initial answers to questions about user benefits and to convey these through convincing storytelling. This involved components of the innovation park such as “Office”, “Testing”, “Boardinghouse”, “Mobility”, “Sport & Fitness”, Logistics, “Relaxation in the Green”, “Shopping” etc. 

In this way, we managed not only to convey the facts of the study, but also to bring them into a tangible dimension.

Concept, design, advice from Frankee Mauél. A project was created at fu communications.

The work for the Innovation Park AI had some special features. This was due, among other things, to the complexity of the topic. The task had many unknowns. We combined the CD from Wirtschaft Digital BW with a specially developed graphic design. The look was designed so that the topic of “digitization” could be communicated digitally in an innovative but not clichéd way.

A central element of the design was the square as a key visual, resulting from the BW Corporate Design Guide. It was taken up in the format of the exposition and implemented in an isometric tile design. This opened up numerous artistic possibilities. The representations could be distorted without appearing too artificial.

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