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Upside Only

The 'Fifty Avon' in the banking district of Frankfurt am Main speaks a clear language. It only offers investors "upsides" such as a prime CBD location, a high recognition value, flexibility, efficiency, international tenants with good credit ratings, a secure investment through long-term WALT.






Sales documents concept + design

Type of Work


Graphic Design


Image-Film mit 3D-Sequenzen

Investment Teaser 

Investment Memorandum


3D-CityVision 2025

Produktionsberatung und Betreuung

From the conception to the graphic design, the sales documents speak the language of the investors as a target group. The motto “Upside Only” is international and results-oriented like the tenants. The language focuses on the facts. The imagery is characterized by striking shots of the interior and exterior. The impression is the aesthetics of structured clarity, which is condensed into a brand by the angular, compressed typographic logo. With its striking condensation in the letters, the logo offers space for underlying image elements. This also creates a film-like effect in the print, which creates moving images in the mind.

The colors of the areas and backgrounds for chapter pages are black, white and sandstone. The same, high-contrast visuality dominates the illustrations.


The design concept was designed from the start to also have an impact in moving images. One of the communicative highlights was the conception and production of an image film with impressive and expressive 3D sequences. He also reinforced the Upside Only message.

Concept, design, advice from Frankee Mauél. A project was created at fu communications.

Eigens für den Verkauf entwickelten und produzierten wir einen eindrucksvollen Imagefilm für den crossmedialen Einsatz. 

The central "hero" of the film was a 3D falcon flying over and through the city and a bigger picture view of the object and its macro and micro location. The concept and execution of the video allowed for unusual and impressive perspectives on the location.

The entire communication package bears the hallmarks of a look reduced to the essentials. This look runs through all media and design elements - from the printed memorandum and the responsive landing page to the teaser mailing to all other sales documents and sales materials.

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