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Modern from tradition

The locomotive shed ensemble is a property in the revitalization area around the historic train station buildings in Bad Homburg. The characterful roundel of the roundhouse characterizes the impressive landmark property inside and out. The adjoining new building towers over the historic part and is very clearly visible from a distance. A historic bridge over the renatured Dornbach leads to an elegant driveway. 


Beisheim Holding




Rental concept

Type of Work

Logo development



We were commissioned to develop a communication concept for leasing the revitalized industrial monument from the era of steam locomotives. The starting point of our work on a valuable brand was the approach of connecting the work cultures of the early 20th century with the new working environments of the 21st century. Even in its early days, the ensemble was a state-of-the-art, efficiency-oriented facility. We have taken up this historical modernity and transferred it to today's era of digital transformations with its new ways of working. The logo shows the classic industrial architecture of the  symmetrical front facade in outlines.  

The "o" of the word "locomotive shed" has an underscore, which associates the front view of a steam locomotive. At the same time an Omega is created. The last letter of the Greek alphabet stands for “end and new beginning.” This sums up the positioning in a symbolic way.


The corporate color is a gold fusion color with high proportions of red and green. The brand radiates warmth and value, which is based on the encounter between tradition, modernity and the future. Tenants will find a working environment here that is characterized by light, spaciousness, sustainability and energy efficiency. The location is inviting and spacious. She exudes efficiency and warmth that inspires everyone who works here.

Der Markenauftritt ist edel und prägnant in alle Medien übertragbar - von den Exposes in Print und Online-Medien wie einer Landingpage über die Geschäftsausstattung bis hin zu Anzeigen und Plakaten im Umfeld der Location.

The imagery highlights the architectural synthesis of traditional elements of industrial architecture made of steel and wood on the one hand and high, light, modern spaces on the other. 

Architectural photography is inviting and inspiring. It makes the location interesting and desirable for creative companies from all sectors.

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